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February 9, 2019
Turning a Breakdown into a Breakthrough

Turning a Breakdown into a Breakthrough

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More than likely, at one point or another in your dancing career (and in life), you’ll be hitting some type of personal plateau. This is a normal part of growth, and is often called a learning curve: where skills are acquired quickly when one is first exposed to a new activity, and more slowly over time as the level of difficulty increases (similar to making the most gains in the first year or two of weightlifting).

As hard as it is, you shouldn’t be dissuaded by this. A big part of learning anything new is learning to move past obstacles and struggles. You’ll probably hit more than one plateau in your career and you’ll definitely fail more than once. And that’s okay. Because failure is inevitable, and in failing you will learn far more than you do through success.

When you fail, it often feels like the world is telling you that ‘this isn’t meant for you.’ While I’m not reassured by believing that failure is "part of the plan", I do think it’s a necessary part of growth. In your story, you are both the writer and the protagonist. You call the shots; you decide whether or not you give in to the fear of failure or work past it to succeed.

For Expressive and Visionary Types

Customarily, when it comes to expressive and visionary personalities, it is easier to relate your experience to that of an idolized fictional (or nonfictional) character. Through doing this, you can introduce yourself to ideals of virtue, persistence, and more. People with these types of personality might benefit by viewing a set back or breakdown to teach themselves based on story lines and characters they’ve seen before. It is really easy now to find information about an idol that you might have. You can look for interviews or podcasts that the inspirational figure you look up to has been on and be able to get a deeper look into their sources of inspiration.

For the Counter-Cultural Type

On the other side of the spectrum are those who have never compared themselves to idols, or used to at one time but now no longer do so. These personas are known as those who ‘go against the crowd.’ These are the people who forge their own way. When they experience failure and breakdowns they have a harder time changing at first, because they can only see the world through their point of view, and not the eyes of others. Usually, at some point or another these types of people are forced to change their life view through some sort of transformative experience. This change allows them the tools necessary to redefine themselves and their life to breakthrough their plateau or hardship to the other side.


In every person’s life, there are moments when you need to take a step back to reassess what you want and need. In these instances, it helps to recognize that you are going through a difficult time, so you can work to get through them. It’s always helpful to surround yourself by a strong team or support system. Pick the people you let in, and keep in, your life carefully. In order to do this, you need to be self-aware with your own personality affinities and needs. A good way to explore what you want and need is by expressing yourself through art, dance, or looking for models of healthy relationships in teams in popular literature, whether that’s classic fiction or modern fiction like comics, anime, and movie references. Even though these characters and teams are fictitious, they might be based on real life or real truths that’ll help you turn your breakdown into a breakthrough.

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